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Originally Posted by DoubleK View Post
I don't think Ken Holland qualifies as a nobody...
If a team is going to be offering Marner somewhere in the neighbourhood of $6M-$8M/year it will cost them a first, a second, and a third, all of which in the nearest draft year (and all of which their own draft picks, not other teams' picks).

As of me typing this five teams cannot do this (BUF, CBJ, DAL, PIT, SJ) not including teams that are spending at the cap/don't have the cap room next season. DET could potentially do this (they have roughly $13M in cap space allotted for next season if they let Nyquist, Vanek, Kronwall, Jensen, Howard, and Witkowski walk, along with a slew of prospects and AHL players) but it would tie their hands for their 2019 draft which wouldn't make much sense for a team in a rebuild.