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Originally Posted by Keith P. View Post
St. Pats is owned by HRM who have done nothing with it other than to grass it over. As I posted previously, Watts had all sorts of plans developed for the public to vote on and then it all just stopped.
HRM doesn't want to sell St. Pats until it has appropriate zoning on it (i.e. top dollar). They rushed through a project to do zoning just for the site, but then pulled back on that to integrate it into Centre Plan. So once Centre Plan is approved, the sale of St. Pats can go ahead.

Bloomfield was the biggest debacle. Despite all the grand plans developed by Imagine Bloomfield, the NDP govt wanted it for Housing NS to develop so HRM let them buy it, then nothing was done. The Imagine Bloomfield folks rightfully got POed and walked away. When the govt changed provincially the Liberals kiboshed the grand plans which were way beyond the ability of Housing NS to accomplish reasonably. It is still owned by the province IIRC.
Bloomfield is still owned by HRM. The sale was contingent on Housing NS getting a development agreement for the site, which they never did. Now it sits there with HRM paying for security and maintenance. I don't blame HRM for this one at all; the NDP came in with a huge overbid (how could HRM say no) and no plan to make it happen. What a mess.

And we still have a big parking lot on the former infirmary site behind the library.
That's now owned by Dalhousie. It's part of their campus master plan.
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