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Originally Posted by halifaxboyns View Post
I think that Kempt Road really could become the tall building corridor. That whole area is C-3 under the Peninsula Bylaw, which is basically 'Industrial' Commercial (mainly light industrial/commercial type uses). Those lots right now (by right) can be mixed use since C-3 allows C-2/R-3 uses (commercial at grade and residential above through the angle controls) - so they could convert by right. But then there would be no controls for density, form etc.

I'd like to see that whole corridor be a high building/high density area but have the bonusing system require things like new street trees, wider sidewalks, etc. That way, we can totally recreate the neighbourhood and make it better.
I like your thinking.

Given the length of Kempt Road, we could have an entire district of tall towers from Young/Robie Street all the way to the Bedford Highway.

There are opportunities along Windsor Street also.
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