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Originally Posted by RyeJay View Post
I wonder what the density potential is for what I hope to be some form of Uptown Halifax. Much of the North End is a sea of warehouses, surface parking, and empty fields. I want this area to evolve to a superior level of urbanity than that of the downtown. I realise 40 storeys is more reasonable, but once there is an established stock of 8-storey buildings in the area it may be more likely to accept 40+ on Young Street and Kempt Road. With the height phobia in Halifax, this is a crucial opportunity to actually develop some real density in the city -- and for this *one* portion of the HRM, be a big city.

Now that we're seeing success in Downtown Halifax, once all of the surfacing parking has been developed (especially on the waterfront), more development focus should shift toward the North End.
I think the idea of an 'uptown' would work if there was a specific corridor for it. So if Agricola gets some upzoning with more density; then I could see the whole Agricola corridor becoming an uptown kind of concept.

I think that Kempt Road really could become the tall building corridor. That whole area is C-3 under the Peninsula Bylaw, which is basically 'Industrial' Commercial (mainly light industrial/commercial type uses). Those lots right now (by right) can be mixed use since C-3 allows C-2/R-3 uses (commercial at grade and residential above through the angle controls) - so they could convert by right. But then there would be no controls for density, form etc.

I'd like to see that whole corridor be a high building/high density area but have the bonusing system require things like new street trees, wider sidewalks, etc. That way, we can totally recreate the neighbourhood and make it better.
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