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The idea of an "Uptown Halifax" is cool, especially given the vast sea of nothingness in the parts of the North End RyeJay describes. Watching this part of town in the coming decade or two will be interesting. I don't see it usurping downtown's urbanity, however, if only because it's a lot more saleable, from a real-estate perspective, to sell projects in existing communities, which means we're going to keep seeing this kind of infill knitting together existing communities for a long time to come, I think.

Also, I think this came up in the Skye discussions, but there simply aren't enough buyers to create a market for a large number of 20 to 40 storey condo towers in Halifax. That's something people seem to miss a lot--it's not anti-height activism or whatever that prevents Halifax from having Toronto-tall towers. There aren't enough buyers in the market to support more than a handful of projects of that scale, let alone a whole neighbourhood full of them.
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