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Originally Posted by Waye Mason View Post
Vancouver limits development to 300 feet, this is far bigger than that. #notgonnahapppen
That's totally inaccurate.
There are site specific height requirements throughout the downtown area, that vary based on policy.

Just going through the Downtown Zoning Bylaw, map 3, area 8 is capped at a maximum height of 137.2 metres, which is 450 feet. The dark areas on the map, which I believe includes Shangri-la, is outside of the downtown zoning (it's a special site specific zoning, much like a development agreement or a Direct Control District here in Calgary).

I don't believe the pacific rim falls into the downtown plan, it may be covered under the harbourfront or Coal Harbour plan. But I should point out that for the Pacific Rim; it was amended and it's height reduced. This is taken from the first post in the Pacific Rim thread:

"Originally proposed with maximum height of 472 feet and re-submitted at 463.72 feet, the city only approved to 458.25 feet, including all building appurtenances."

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