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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
The article really downplays the whole issue of approval. I don't think rules like the ramparts bylaw are as sacrosanct as the Heritage Trust et al. would like us to believe, but it is far from guaranteed that this development will be permitted to proceed by council. And even if it's approved I'm not sure how confident I am that the buildings would actually be constructed.
I have no faith in them at all. Their track record on this site is, frankly, horrible. Their level of confidence in that article is border line arrogant and I'm at a level of frustration with this site that I'm almost on board with Councillor Sloane to say the hell with anything, let it fall back to HbD.

My frustration is also with the fact they make these claims, yet there isn't even a planning application case yet. Serious guys, shi* or get off the pot already.
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