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Originally Posted by DigitalNinja View Post
I don't understand, if it got voted through once, why would it not get voted through the second time?
Apparently there was some glitch with the City's law department didn't forsee; which required them to update the MPS for some reason. I don't know all the details...

If I know Sloane; she probably voted against grandfathering the applications because she's fond of HbD (not because she's against downtown development). I know she was involved quite heavily in the project and working with staff on it; so she see's huge value in it and having people follow it. Granted; that's my guess, I don't know if that's right.

She skim's this group from time to time; so hopefully she'll see and comment?

With the convention centre; I think the Province is 'entertaining' HRM by going through the motions. That being said; if it's a Provincial project and HRM council votes to reject it - the Legislature can take steps to amend the MGA or the HRM act and simply approve it without HRM's consent. This happens when there are tiff's between City's and Provinces. The Saddledome is a good example - apparently the PC government of Alberta was not going to tolerate any game playing by City Council in Calgary and so gave them direction to approve it - of course they didn't; so the Province approved it anyway. As far as I know; to this date - it still holds a Provincial exception.
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