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Originally Posted by Takeo View Post
What exactly would we do with this stadium if we had one?
I know you are genuinely asking the question, and not just being negative (so I am not being critical at you)... but I fear that this is exactly the reaction that many on HRM will have.

But really, at that point, why have any performing arts theaters when they just sit empty 95% of the time, why have the metro centre when it sits empty 95% of the time, why have a convention centre when it sits empty 95% of the time... etc etc etc

Public venues such as this are never ever going to be money makers. They will always require public funds, and I am ok with that. Because the fact is that what the public is paying for is quality of life, civic pride, the ability to attract young educated people who are mobile and looking for a place to live and work that has "life" to it.

I know that there will always be people in the HRM who will say "but I don't watch football so why should my money go to a stadium", which to me is just short sited and misses the point. Because sports people can simply say the same thing about public money going to the arts. At the end of the day, the best overall quality of life comes from cities imaginative enough to figure out a) how to build good public venues like this and b) what they should be used for that will improve peoples enjoyment of the city.

What will a stadium be used for? LOTS of things. Football. Concerts. Track & Field. Etc. Etc. Etc. 95% of the time it will be empty (as will Neptune Theatre, Metro Centre...), but the payback in terms of quality of life for people in Halifax is priceless.