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Originally Posted by worldlyhaligonian View Post
Well then, I see no reason why we couldn't have a team.

Those DND lands are also close to the burbs and traffic coming from farther outside the city. Parking isn't a problem in that part of town at all.
There is no question in my mind that HRM would be granted a franchise if HRM had a stadium since they were granted a conditional franchise in 1983 (Atlantic Schooners). However, the franchise was withdrawn because the different levels of government would not support a stadium. Maybe now it would be different since Halifax and Dartmouth have been amalgamated so the municipality is larger with a proportionately larger tax base. Now would be a good time to try to get federal stimulus money for a stadium (although it would likely only be 10 - 15%, similar to the percentage offered for the Blue Bombers stadium). Then they would need at least a matching amount from the provincial government. Unlike other facilities like a library (which HRM needs also) there will be some income from a stadium so it could be financed over a number of years.

With regards to the Dartmouth Crossings site, I wonder if this is something that the developers of Dartmouth Crossings would be interested in. One advantage of this location is that there is lots of vacant land and since it is industrial there shouldn't be much opposition. I think that this would also be a good location for a sunken bowl (partially excavated). I like the forum site the best since it is close to downtown Halifax, however it might be easier to get something build at the Dartmouth Crossings site.

With regards to the cost, the Moncton stadium is only going to cost 17 million dollars for 10,000 seats. The least expensive option would be to build say 20,000 permanent seats (or benches) for say 40 million with all the washroom facilities and then have 10,000 temporary seats. This is something that would be relatively painless and then if things work out then additional permanent seats/benches could be added. Possibly even a partial roof could be added after it is up and running. Or just put up 10,000 permanent seats with room for 20,000 temporary seats so that it can get built in the very near future.