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Originally Posted by Jsmscaleros View Post
I don't know what Architecture building you're talking about.
The stuff in the buildings may be nice, the buildings themselves are AWFUL. They're undeniably ugly and they're brutal fortresses. They have very few windows, narrow walkways, they just feel like prison camps, especially the older building.

Originally Posted by Jsmscaleros View Post
I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about here when you call them "Heinous, dilapidated jokes".
Shouldn't the architecture building of all buildings on a campus be the best? Those two buildings should have all their nice equipment pulled out of them and be knocked over, they're monstrosities.

That building is awful enough to induce suicide. It ought not exist on this planet, its brutally awful.

The North building at VERY best could be described as 'mediocre,' it looks like someone mixed a prison and a suburban office complex:

But either way, my hate for the aesthetics of those awful buildings is neither here nor there. ASU has many buildings that are both ugly and not terribly useful, if certain programs were moved, it would free up space, etc. so that argument stands.

Originally Posted by Jsmscaleros View Post
If we're talking about programs like psychology that a student could unfortunately pass through without a day being sober, then I am with you all completely. Also, the English program is horrid; I made a girl cry after reviewing her paper for using "i, u, and like" repeatedly in an academic research paper. She also went to high school at Desert Mountain in Scottsdale.
Right, non research fields like English and non fiscally intensive programs could be spun off to smaller schools is the idea.

Originally Posted by trigirdbers View Post
. Like you said tho, we don't have California's resources, accordingly, we won't be able to replicate their three tiered system, nor will we be able to afford "city colleges". Hell, PHX can't scrape up 300k to get decent hours for the light rail on the weekends.
Oh I certainly don't think its a goal thats currently feasible. Youd have to almost have a dedicated 'education tax' of some sort to make it possible. Who knows if that would pass. Maybe if you wrapped it up to also give additional funding to K-12 (since we're always bottom of the barrel in that dept.) you could get it to pass.

Like the quotation from Daniel Burnham I typed earlier in this thread, we've got to start thinking big. Maybe some of our big ideas won't com to fruition, but at least we'd be striving for something. As it is now, Phoenix and Arizona leadership in general is entirely visionless. They have no great aspirations, they seem to immediately realize how difficult things would be and just give up, which I find frustrating.
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