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I'm in general agreement with your goals Hoover Dam. No reason why ASU shouldn't be able to crack the top 100. I do think that 50-75 is not ambitious enough for UofA, if we could somehow get it to crack the top 50 it might develop national pull and reputation. This seems doable, explicitly w enrollment caps. Like you said tho, we don't have California's resources, accordingly, we won't be able to replicate their three tiered system, nor will we be able to afford "city colleges". Hell, PHX can't scrape up 300k to get decent hours for the light rail on the weekends. Hence, we've got to work with what we've got by separating ASU from U of A and spinning colleges off of ASU. Giving community colleges the power to issue 4 years makes a mockery of higher education, and people wonder why the value of a BA is being cheapened.

In regards to admissions, I'm talking about general UG. Obviously, ASU has some very competitive programs like engineering and such but I think we are talking about the universities as a whole.
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