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Originally Posted by pdxf View Post
I'm totally in favor of the MLS and a new baseball stadium, but have become troubled by the demolition of the Memorial Colosium. It would seem as though there is a fantastic location for a new stadium that is being ignored - The parking lots and unused space at OMSI.

The advantages of this site are:
Located on the new Max line
Views of the city
No demolition of the MC necessary!
All land is public (I believe), and doesn't require any demolition
Existing attractions at OMSI
Great waterfront location
Enough room to expand the stadium in the future to MLB standards

I'm not sure if any considerations for other locations are still on the table, but this is my vote (yeah, sorry for the bad sketch!):

Hey, this is great! Love the sketch and the idea for a stadium. The only problem I can think of is that the streetcar is going to branch off from the bridge and somewhere cross over the train tracks on its own bridge - don't know exactly where/how much space there is, but I wouldn't be surprised it would all still fit. Also, Big Pipe. But, since they want a dirt field for baseball, shouldn't be a big deal once it is finished. The stadium won't be much more than some bleachers and a field.
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