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Originally Posted by Ch.G, Ch.G View Post
^ 55 W Wacker would be so much nicer with transparent glazing.

It seems like most forms of progressive architecture undergo a period of popular contempt and derision that gradually gives way to enjoyment, even adoration. Sometimes it's a matter of familiarity, but more often I think it's a new context created by newer styles. I think anti-Brutalist sentiment, of which there is no shortage even among enthusiasts of Modernism, is a perfect example. In fifty years, when new technologies become more widely adopted and give birth to forms we have only previewed or yet unseen, popular opinion will swing towards Brutalism.
You are so right. When I was young in the '60's and '70's Victorian and other late 19th and early 20th century styles were what everyone spit on. Young people today can't get enough of it. The question with Brutalisim is will it survive long enough to come back into fashion? Everywhere you look people are trying to "remodel" it or otherwise stamp it out.
Forget it Jake's Market East
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