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Originally Posted by DHamp View Post
You know, the Wrigley company could buy the naming rights to the stadium and nothing would have to change. I don't think that's an outlandish idea. I know a lot of us don't even think of the chewing gum company when we think of the field, but the Wrigley company still exists and they are getting a free ride at the expense of the Tribune Company. So instead of griping about Zell (who's just trying to get the Trib company out of a budget whole, unlike the state and the county, and the nation for that matter) how about you Cub fans petition Wrigley Co. to buy their namesake stadium, hmm?

But then again, I'm a south-sider, a Sox fan, and my wife works for the Tribune company so I'd rather see a name change than see a lot of people lose their jobs.
It is an outlandish idea, because the Wrigley Company has expressed zero interest in obtaining any sort of naming rights.

As you said, no one thinks of the chewing gum company when the parks name is mentioned. So why would they pay tens of millions of dollars for an "official" naming right that will have zero effect on increasing their bottom line?
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