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Originally Posted by jstush04 View Post
^ ok, first of all, the cubs will NEVER leave wrigley field. Wrigley is a huge part of what makes the cubs the cubs.

second, the name isn't going to change. People will always call it wrigley. I still call the sox place comiskey (even though "the cell" is somewhat catchy)

its true zell owns the stadium (and the cubs) and lots of other things. He can do what he wants. but you'd kind of wish he wasn't an asshole, i guess...
what does this mean? The Cubs are a baseball team. It shouldnt matter where they play. They should be more concerned about winning a title, then what field they play on. I guess this mentality explains why every game at Wrigley is half filled with tourists and trixies who could care less whats actually happening on the field.

I'd like to see Wrigley stay and my guess is it will, but the name means nothing and people should get over it. I still call the Cell, Comiskey and I would still call it Wrigley too.
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