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Originally Posted by Chicago2020 View Post
Cubs fans will not allow it.
Fans can only do so much. For comparison, look at the outrage expressed over Americans (Malcom Glazer and family) getting sole interest in Manchester United. they were burned in effigy but you haven't heard of ManU being outright ignored by the fans or the media because of thsi sacrilegious act.

Yes, Americans aren't soccer nuts, but the fact that both ManU and the Chicago Cubs are legendary professional sports franchises and endeared to their fanbases is the point I am trying to make... The fans can only do so much. it's still a business.

I certainly am not advocating for Zell -- but it's a cold hard fact that even legendary venues and teams need to be profitable. It's part of the reason they planned to replace Fenway park (since scuttled), it's why they are replacing Yankee Stadium, it's why naming rights were sold for Comisky Park, why Boston Garden got replaced, etc
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