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As the year ends, there is progress to report. Icon is within 1 floor or so of topping out. Terrazzo is up to the 4th floor. Excavation is complete at
Summit waiting for the cranes at the first of the year. Rythem is has the walls and columns up to the second floor. Pinnacle excavation is complete
and columns, footings and below grade perimeter walls are approaching the
street level. Encore is getting its curtainwall installed at the parking levels.
Veleocity is excavating and installing foundations at a rapid clip. The old
1808 building looks like it about to begin its reconstruction as the construction
trailer was moved on site this week. Hopefully I will have some news of new
fair-sized projects in the Musica Roundabout vicinity that I can report. The
skinny I get from realtor friends, is that they expect next year to be the best sales year they have ever had in Nashville. Yes, there are foreclosures and
poor sales here; but not evenly down across all catagories. The growth in
Nashville seems to leave some room for optomism in the midscale to large homes and urban condos I am informed. This however is not necessarily true for the very overbuilt nearby counties like Rutherford and Williamson.
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