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Originally Posted by pEte fiSt iN Ur fAce View Post
On the topic of London, betcha few Canadians know its metro area is nearly 500,000. That's bigger than Halifax, Victoria, Regina, Saskatoon, etc. And yet on the national scene, it's almost completely obscure.

Give us a tour already!
I would like to bet against you, as I believe most Canadians would realise London, Ontario is the largest city of those you've listed.

I'm not sure in what context you're thinking when you envision London's identity as seen from the rest of the nation. I frequently hear of London because I have an abundant amount of friends who have or who are attending Western (and these are friends from the Maritimes; not local Ontarians).

As far as the national media is concerned, out of the cities on your list I would say that Halifax seems to get a disproportionate amount of attention. I would surmise the reasons for this being Halifax's age (historical anniversaries often get noted on the national news) and (more obviously) its size relative to the other municipalities in its region. Also, certain regions of Halifax have crime problems.

London, I can imagine, gets drowned out by much of the news that's produced in Toronto.
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