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Here are some updates from October 2018, and apparently there's been significant progress since. According to their site, the project is 92% complete as of February. It's very cool how much this project will improve the connectivity of the campus.

I believe the next major new building planned for the campus is the bridge residence building. It'll be similar in form to University Hall, but it'll be more of a bridge and have less of an impact on the coulee. It will provide a direct, indoor link between the student residence village and the sports fields to the school buildings.

Here is the University of Lethbridge Campus Masterplan :

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Maybe we should change that?

I never realized how beautiful Lethbridge was. I just googled some pics and was quite impressed.
Lethbridge really is a dope little city. I've only been there a couple times myself unfortunately, but it reminds me of one of the smaller Eastern cities sorta like maybe Stratford in the way its downtown is organized, but with a more beautiful setting given how immensely prominent the river valley of Lethbridge is. It's also the smallest city in Western Canada with a regular gay bar, likely owing to its large student population.
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