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Originally Posted by Chicago3rd
Wonder how much money goes from Cook County in gas taxes to the rest of the state? Bet you it is a sizable chunk. And don't get me going about why this state needs tollways...because the people south of I-80 felt it was wrong for them to help fund the roads in Chicago land. I wish we could find out how much of the Chicagoland money goes to funding their Interstates and Highways!!!

That is a very good point. Especially considering that the tollways are a self-supporting system which uses no tax payer money to maintain itself.

Lets guess and say there are 2 million registered vehicles in Cook County, then multiply that times 20 gallons of gasoline @ $3.00 per gallon for each week, and multiply that figure by 52 for the yearly total.

Answer for my guestimated Cook County annual gasoline revenues = $6,240,000,000. Now what percentage of the gas price is state taxes?
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