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Originally Posted by muertecaza View Post
Also to note, on my way in today went by the Pier and it had the most activity I think I've seen there--at least 2 dozen people working. And it's starting to poke above ground level. Hopefully it's move in ready by 2030
If by 2030 the whole pier/southbank development isn't fully built out I will be shocked. With the new office tower proposed to start construction later this year, I'm certain a flurry of activity is to follow. Especially after Tempe issued an RFQ/RFP for the remaining sites about a month ago. As Tempe starts to gain national attention following strong gains/performance in office space vacancy and achieved rental rates, I would not be surprised if a national company relocates their headquarters to either Novus or the Southbank district. I believe there to be 2,000,000+ SQ Ft of rental space at full buildout, similar to the size of State Farm.

All we need now is there to be some give in the FAA flight path height allowance along the lake. I can't imagine that 300' remains to be the ceiling of what we see built there over the next decade.
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