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Originally Posted by corriganville View Post
Just to the south of that backlot is a hill with the Inglewood Oil Field which still has oil wells on it. West Los Angeles College is directly south of where the backlot used to be.

The following three photos, and text, are from the post: MGM Lot 3… 67 acres of Paradise on website Phantom of the Backlots:

"This is a shot from a Jerry Lewis movie, The Family Jewels, 1967. This is just outside Lot 3. Before WLA college."

"Billie Rose’s Jumbo set starring Doris Day. I am amazed with all the oil derricks in background."

"Below: Production still of the same area."


In the late 70's early 80's I worked in Culver City on Jefferson Blvd. just east of Duquesne, and there was an oil well on the land right near where Duquesne t-boned into Jefferson. They were filming a scene from CHiP's there one day. GSV now shows a Culver City park there and Duquesne has been extended up into the hills, it looks like! I guess that was a long time ago now! Part of the 1984 Olympic Marathon route went down Jefferson past this area.

This park seems to have been a major civic work. I find no info as to when it was built. It rises from street level up into the hills and comprises 41.55 acres. It has a baseball Field with dugout, announcer/press box, bench seating (less than 500 seats), score board, batting cages. It also includes the Culver City Skate Park, The Boneyard (Dog Park), Recreation Hut with Restroom facilities, Picnic Area with 2 separate picnic areas, 4 Barbeques, Children's Play Equipment, 3 Softball Diamonds, 2 Half Court Basketball Court, 1 Soccer Field, a Passive Grass area, Skateboard Park and Interpretive Nature Trail. It seems to have been built with being a filming location in mind, although in this one photo, you may not want to shoot the top half.


There is this interesting thing in the park, too. I believe it's a sundial:


ETA: LADA (Los Angeles Design Associates) did some work on "Multiple athletic fields requiring corrective measures in response to grading and settlement issues, poor drainage and hazardous topography," in 2010.

Here's a LARGE view from the LADA website atop the hill. I spy the MGM (Sony Studios) water tower.

Sorry for the size, but it's a great view of Culver City (where E_R used to work ): ...scroll right...


In the above photo you can see an "arch", which is this, below, now on the lot:

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