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Exclamation Peterson/Littenberg Architecture and Urban Design World Trade Center

I have not been on here in a while but I do still enjoy coming up with creative ideas on Sketchup. I have a new project I have been working on but because I am still quite an amateur at Sketchup (even after a year or two on it) I have not been able to get the layout of the site correct. The layout is basically based on the Peterson/Littenberg Architecture and Urban Design World Trade Center plan. The problem is I have found this accurate image online:

However I can't seem to match it up with the google map template of the World Trade Center site and the surrounding areas. Basically all I am looking for is for the blueprint above to be correctly aligned and be the correct dimensions so I can easily build on top of it and then transfer my model to google earth and everything is where it should be. I was wondering if anybody here who has spare time could quickly align the blueprint up so it matches the correct dimensions of the site and the surrounding areas on Google Maps so I can build ontop of it without worrying if the dimensions are incorrect. I know it is probably a simple task but really I have tried and failed at this many times. Thanks.
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