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Thumbs up Everett, MT - Fictional CBD

Hey everyone, it's been ages since I was last here. The forum seems a bit dead, so hopefully I can contribute a little bit, and breathe some life into this place.

I've been working on this city for a week or so, and I've completed one building so far. I'm a huge fan of medium-low rises, so don't expect any supertalls from this city!

Everett is located in a more prosperous version of Montana, where Billings would be.


So first up, we have..
Eliza Plaza
Roof - 37.96m
Antenna - 48.26
Floors - 7
Built - 1999 by the Eliza Company

Eliza Plaza is the current tallest (and only) building in the city. Built after the mayor raised the height limits to 60m from 40m in 1998, it became the headquarters for the Eliza IT company. It has a plaza with small gardens. Ground and first floors are a cafe + hotel. Floors 2 to 7 are offices for the Eliza IT Company.

More to come in the future! Thanks for reading!
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