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Originally Posted by JG573 View Post
Looking at the overall proposal of this project I really hope they don't tear down these buildings. The midtown district is not going to die because we preserve buildings, that is a ridiculous claim.
Only ridiculous if you don't know what you're talking about, which your comments suggests. But this thread has gone too far in the wrong direction already.

The appropriate threads are here:

And here:

Now, if you want to continue with the silly reasons why the towers on this particular block, next to a busy transit center, in the heart of the city's core commercial district shouldn't be demolished for modern office space, then you are beyond reasoning with.

The City is not in a bubble, preserved for all time. The ridiculous argument that the "character" must be preserved shows a lack of understanding of what is being planned, or in fact what truly makes up that character to begin with.
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