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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
What you're proposing has no relevance to Midtown, or really Manhattan as a whole.

There are almost no parking lots, and 80%-90% of the buildings are old, so you can't get new buildings without replacing old buildings.

Again, if your stance is "preserve all prewars" then you're advocating for a museum city. There will be virtually no development.
This has a lot or relevance to manhattan as like I said there are many large areas of land with projects on them that can be used for new development and there are buildings all over the city that are post war that are so bland and terrible looking that can be torn down and used. Eventually you can't have new development in areas because its built out without taking away from the character of midtown. There are plenty of areas throughout manhattan for these new developments I have mentioned above.

Again, if your stance is all new development then you're advocating for a dead city not a museum city which there is nothing wrong with. A dead city with all new developments? Hmmm sounds familiar look around the country where has that got cities in the us?