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Originally Posted by JG573 View Post
Looking at the overall proposal of this project I really hope they don't tear down these buildings. The midtown district is not going to die because we preserve buildings, that is a ridiculous claim. I love new skyscrapers but a city full of glass buildings is not beautiful and we need groups of buildings like these to keep new york city a beautiful city. The reason why so many cities cores around the country have died is because of these historic buildings being teared down and everything turns into big glass skyscrapers. Walking around New York city there PLENTY of ugly post war buildings that could be replaced for these types of skyscrapers. We don't need to tear apart are historic ones to make room for these.
The facades of the buildings could be preserved and integrated into the new towers too. I think that in most cases these kinds of solutions could satisfy both preservationists and pro-development people such as myself, but I won't shed a tear if some old stuff that isn't unique or rare gets torn down, pre-wars still comprise an overwhelming majority of the stock in New York.