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150 highrises/towers?

now that Madrid is again on the front page I would like to revive this thread!
Can we collectively bring Madrid to 150 drawn diagrams? (highrise and towers)
There are a lot of buildings of Madrid missing in the database.
I'm already preparing some requests for many older highrises along the Gran Via but there are plenty more. Also there are quite a few (106!) undrawn highrises in the database. This is just slightly more than there are drawings (105).

And then there is the problem about the quality, mentioned above. Many buildings have drawings with false heights or vice versa.

It would be nice if the Madrid Diagram could receive the kind of attention and care other cities like Berlin got a few years ago or many latin american metropolis like Santiago or Buenos Aires (And surroundings) are receiving right now.

Anyone wants to join in with some drawings or some database request?
my SSP Diagram
my churches Diagram
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