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Fairfax, New Hebrides

Fairfax, the capital of New Hebrides. An archipeleago located 200 miles off the coast of Oregon. New Hebrides is the 51st state gaining statehood in 1876, three days after Colorado became a state.

Fairfax was founded in 1808 by Pagans seeking religious freedom and general freedom from the oppressive reighn of the English King George III over their native Scotland.

Finding their new home somewhat familiar in climate compared to their native Scotland they name their new island home after the Hebrides Islands.

The islands are craggy, damp and dominated by Giant Redwood trees, thus making the city of Fairfax appear tiny despite the fact it has well over 200,000 residents.

Various streetnames in the CBD:

Various landmarks in the CBD:

Detail maps and drawings coming soon!!!
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