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- Crane has arrived for 1500 Owens. Seems like it took forever to get the foundation done, but it should start rising out of the ground soon.

- Work continues on 409/499 Illinois. Still hanging facade panels on 409, and windows are going in on the lower floors. This is a rush job...Fibrogen wants to be moving in by the end of the year, so they've been working six days a week on that building. Steel is nearly topped out on 499...mostly just the mechanical screening framing to go up on top.

- New piledriving on Alexandria's property next to the Gap building...I think it's the parking garage for that area. Test piles were driven quite some time ago, and it looks like we're starting production driving now.

- Barge crane is long gone from the channel. Looks like it was in fact just for excavating a short section of shoreline to install a large pipe of some sort.
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