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Originally Posted by CoolCzech View Post
Well, I strongly suspect it's THIS building that Libeskind is about to finally complete for us, after all these decades... if so, let's hope that his own designs show sensitivity and respect to the original proposal...
After reviewing Libeskind's work, I would doubt it. I can only hope he does not stick us with one of those designs that looks like it came from another planet. What a slap in the face it would be the MetLife and that whole area if that were to happen. It's a very historic and "old time" neighborhood. Libeskind needs to do the right thing.

Let us not forget you have the Flatiron Building as well as the New York Life Building right down the block. This is the type of area that "you cannot just build anything in". It's not like Midtown where it will be hidden, this is a distinctive area between Lower and Midtown Manhattan. Regardless of what it will look like, it'll stick out like a sore thumb. That is why the right design needs to be chosen, to correspond with the enviroment.
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