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Originally Posted by Phil McAvity View Post
I sometimes have to remind myself why I voted for the BC Liberals when I see what little they done for infrastructure in Victoria. BC's second largest city and this is the only infrastructure project they've done in Greater Victoria almost a decade. The NDP did more than the Liberals.
Me too. To add to the perceived insult, the VAA kicked in 3 million to get this project going and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure would have call screened if the area wasn't represented by Coell

This is a pretty cool traffic flow simulation of the interchange - although I think their traffic volume forecast is a little off haha - looks like some near accidents on the roundabouts tho! (free to use without credit)

To be fair, the NDP's Island Highway project was completed in 2003 (Veterans Memorial Parkway - HWY 14) and the Lower Mainland was in greater need of new infrastructure as they had sort of been ignored somewhat by the NDP government of the 90's.

Next up Admirals/McKenzie/TCH #1 And, hopefully some support by the new leader (gov??) for rapid transit here

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