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My degree fucking finally.

Edit: Oh woops. I thought it was "you" not "we"

Well in that case, I wish Canada was a more equal federation. Ontario split into 3.5 (unequal) parts would be a fabulous start. Central Ontario would still dominate at around 10 ish million people, but Southern Ontario (border Kincardine to Port Erie) - perhaps named Huronia or Tecumseh - with three million ish people would be a good start at eliminating the preeminence of current Southern Ontario. A confederated Northern Ontario - perhaps called Winnipekwa or something Ojicree - would hopefully stabilize the development of the north by finally allowing northern concerns to be addressed by northerners, not southerners who have never even stepped foot north of Haliburton. The .5 would be the National Capital Region, a rhombus from Clarence-Rockland to Quyon east west, and Poltimore to Kemptville north south would be ideal. A nearly equal territorial cession from both Ontario and Quebec.

Apart from population distribution, a farrrrrrrr greater connection between the east, west, north, and south transportation wise is not only a wish, but is required. The mid-Canada road, railway, and power corridor proposal comes to mind. This would allow for greater resource development, along with greater attractiveness for the settlement of established northern communities along the route, namely Rouyn Noranda, Timmins, Geraldton, Armstrong, Eabametoong (Fort Hope), Thompson, Flin Flon, La Ronge, Fort McMurray, High Level, and Fort Nelson. Combine all that with a fully revitalized and doubled-in-size Port of Churchill and a modernized rail connection to the port, and Canada might actually be ready for the 21st century (by the end of the 22nd century)!

I'm no fool, obviously this would be a good $200 billion, maybe even up to $400 billion investment, but it is required for our long term economic competitiveness, political stability, enfranchisement of northern communities, and sustainable growth. I also believe projects like this are integral to nation building, something Canada has a dearth of at the moment and has for decades, which has led us to our current point of the weakest sense of national unity maybe ever.

Here's a really rough idea of what I'm talking about. Pink is new provincial borders, orange is the strengthened connection from Thompson to Churchill, thick blue is the Mid-Canada Corridor, and the thin blue are the new/strengthened road connections to the primary network. Thought it would be funny to do it American-style and just have them completely blanked out

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Mohkínstsis — 1.6 million people at the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, 400 high-rises, a 300-metre SE to NW climb, over 1000 kilometres of pathways, with 20% of the urban area as parkland.

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