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RTH--I believe you fail to see the bigger picture. A provincial attitude--whether it's held by suburbanites toward the city--or held by you, is the same thing--it is equally destructive, no matter who holds it. Again, the "Us v Them" game is completely hollow--it's all one political unit now--EcDev, planning, etc, so you really can't play the finger-pointing "those people" game anymore. You cannot expect the vocal minority out there to drop their rhetoric, when you so fully embrace your own.

adam--are you serious? Without getting into a really ridiculous back and forth conversation, I would refer you elsewhere on the internet for statistics regarding the severity of accidents, and the frequency with which "cross-over" accidents result in fatalities and bodily injuries. Median constuction and separation of opposing traffic flow has nothing to do with controlling speed or eliminating rear-end collisions. It's about saving lives and preventing head-on collisions. If you've never heard of "cross-over" accidents you either don't read, don't travel or are a two-year old with incredible typing skills. Think before you post.
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