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Originally Posted by realcity View Post
HSR service to flambourdisaster will not make a dent in traffic congestion. The houses are too far apart (sprawled) and nobody moved out there to take the bus.

I recently drove up highway 6 north and couldn't believe the congestion at the road turning west into Dundas. Was there another sprawl housing development there? The morons were lined up for 15 minutes to turn left into their survey. I don't care what Flambourdisaster does, build as many big box/power centers you like in the name of economic development and I'll consider it 'self inflicted' because that's the disaster of a community planning that you wanted.


So true....I can't wait to see what a mess it is in 20 years out there.
And it'll still be Hamilton's fault. We know already. All your crappy planning and ignorance is our fault.
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