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realcity, thanks for your contribution to the thread--it clearly has further advanced debate, discussion, reason and understanding. While I often disagree with coalminecanary--he and I made a concerted effort to make this a positive--or at least constructive discussion. At coalmine's request for ideas and suggestions you brought a stream of negativity and venom.

I don't care what Flambourdisaster does, build as many big box/power centers you like in the name of economic development and I'll consider it 'self inflicted' because that's the disaster of a community planning that you wanted.

Who exactly are you referring to? Presumably the City of Hamilton which has dominion over the area formerly known as the Town of Flamborough. In light of this, your comment is nothing but complete nonsense.

Getting back to the discussion at hand--the question posed by coalmine--what comes to mind for me immediately is selling the unique cultural features of the city to residents across the region--not exclusively those within the city limits--but also in surrounding areas. Institutions such as the AGW, HPO, etc, aren't replicated elsewhere in the region. It's unreasonable to suggest someone would drive into the city to shop at a store which is already located close to home for them--but if they want a Bulldogs game, a Ti-Cats game, a trip to Art Gallery--those are things that they must drive to the city for...that's really the key.
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