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Originally Posted by patriotizzy View Post
Thanks for all the info you give to the community NYGuy. I know opinions differ and can get heated at times, but there is no doubt you are mvp of this forum. Respect!

As for the article you shared, I am glad to see that these "renovations" bring forth public benefits in transportation and infrastructures.

Nothing but good things for NYC

I think it's important to have as much info as we can get into one place. We don't know everything, but we try to put the pieces together as much as we can. It's a lot going on in the city, and it can be difficult to keep up with. But it's exciting.

As far as the renewal of the area, in both transit and office/public spaces, it's important that the city maintains its existing business centers while at the same time providing for expansion of places like the Hudson Yards. While everything over there is new, and exciting to watch take shape, it's just as exciting for me to watch the rebirth of the existing eastside commercial core. It's the heart of the city, and will remain so. It has to modernize where possible.
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