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Originally Posted by emathias View Post
What about the West Loop do you prefer over River North?

The West Loop had never had the pressure of tourism that River North has had, nor did it have the River and Michigan Avenue, not easy access to the North Side. All of that put completely different pressures on the West Loop development cycles than River North had. Timing also has had a lot to do with what has been developed.

I like the West Loop okay, but as far as convenience and living highly urban and car-free, I'll still pick River North over the West Loop.
There's also a lot To-Be-Determined in the West Loop/Fulton Market. Parts are surprisingly very empty, except for some construction workers. I went to Fulton Galley (1115 W Fulton) a few weeks ago for lunch, and it was dead. A place like that would be packed in River North. The area around McD's headquarters was buzzing with people. The population and daytime population is still pretty small, especially compared to River North. There are only like 3-4 hotels open now. All the development looks great and exciting, but on the street, the people aren't there yet.
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