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Originally Posted by killaviews View Post
The West Loop isn’t Bohemian. The West Loop trajectory can’t be compared with River North’s development. There is no Michigan Ave next to the West Loop. Some of River North’s less optimal developments are due just to being close the Mag Mile.
It's not a perfect comparison but there's lots of similarities. Tower Town was a relatively small artist colony wedged in the blocks immediately south of Chicago Ave. It certainly did not cover all or even most of what is considered River North today, and was a tiny fraction of the size of comparable bohemian areas like Greenwich Village or the Latin Quarter. Further south, what is now the heart of River North's entertainment district, was a Skid Row-esque area full of warehouses, SROs, and seedy bars - in that sense it is very similar to West Loop with its Madison Street Skid Row.

Also, River North's gentrification started with one street that became acceptable to the upper-crust (Michigan Avenue for the carriage trade/retail) and so did West Loop (Randolph for dining).
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