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Something to consider is that even if a city itself is "blue", the "red" state government is in charge. Republican governors and state legislators have made it a habit to pre-empt local government decisions with state laws if it is politically worthwhile for them to do.

For a liberal city to be able to reflect the will of its people, it has to be in a state which is overall more moderate or balanced between the two parties. Or be such a dominant portion of all votes that it can't be told what to do. Again, examples would be Minneapolis or Denver.

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New Mexico is gorgeous but has a non-existent economy aside from government and some of the research labs plus some generous tax benefits for film and tv production.

My gf hates it, but Albuquerque is my ideal big city, were into ever want to move to a bigger city.
Oil and gas is a major contributor to the state's economy, and especially to its tax revenues. Eastern New Mexico is easy to forget about, but it does matter a lot. It has oil fields, refineries, mines, agriculture, and bigger plains towns like Roswell, Hobbs, Carlsbad. New Mexico as a whole just doesn't have a lot of people so these places likely represent a nontrivial percentage of the population and GDP.
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