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Originally Posted by Trevor3 View Post
I've never had an issue with Air Canada. I get the frustration that comes with dealing with an airline, they have some sort of twisted entitlement to jerk people around, but all airlines do it. Air Canada, surprisingly, is the one airline I have never had an issue with.

Westjet is a flying cattle car which cracks jokes to cover up ineptitude. When my flight to the west coast of the island was cancelled I had a ticket agent suggest I just fly to St. John's and get a cab home... "Ok, and who exactly is forking over $400 for a 9 hour cab ride?" followed by the usual response of "Newfoundland isn't that big". Would you suggest somebody flying to Toronto route through Sudbury instead? No.

Porter once left me stuck in Toronto and refused a refund for the cancellation because the flight was technically still going to my destination, it just wasn't originating from the airport it was supposed to. Still haven't figured that one out.

Provincial Airlines once flew me from Stephenville to Deer Lake (20 minutes) and then said, "oh hey, sorry we are bumping you from the flight the rest of the way to St. John's, you'll have to wait in Deer Lake until the next flight and maybe you can get on then". 12 hours later there was a flight to St. John's. There are no flights to Deer Lake during the day. It was just me and the janitor watching the Chilean mine rescue. Not even the restaurant/cafe was open.

Air Canada has successfully charged me too much, allowed me to board, not bumped me off en route, and dropped me at my desired destination, 100% of the time. My only gripe is they won't fly to YJT.
Speaking of YJT, the airport's only year-round airline is pulling out:

Id didn't realize PAL Airlines (formerly Provincial) were down to a measly 2 flights/week at YJT.

PAL's vice-president of business development, Steve Dinn, told CBC News fewer than 150 passengers had used the twice-weekly service so far this year, instead preferring to fly out of Deer Lake.
Assuming that 150 number is enplaned pax only, even for a twice weekly service since the start of 2019, that's an average of 2 pax per flight!
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