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I'm a little bummed that the terracotta red will only be used for the base of the building, the rest of the building is simply painted aluminum. I think there's no doubt the base and the aluminum panels will be different colors (you can see the base (terracotta) is more so crimson/maroon in the renderings)--which I'm ok with, I just hope the building does not appear cheap. I guess I was a little naïve thinking that terracotta cladding would be used all over... but 111 West 57th Street going up in NYC runs terra-cotta up 2 sides of a 1,428 ft tower (a SHoP architects production)… remember, PAU is essentially a SHoP spin-off.

I'll be waiting to see the mock-up on site. Also, in the CDR, the type of "red" isn't really described other than the use of a Josef Albers - color theory print. I'd love to be in on those meetings--this red vs. that red.
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