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Originally Posted by pj3000 View Post

I'm here to tell you that Philly & NY do not in fact share similar patterns when considering them from an urban development perspective. The simple fact of very different topographies guaranteed that from early on. New York is a collection of coastal islands. Philadelphia is an interior lowland plain.
Eh, I would say that Philly and NY have somewhat similar development patterns. Of course NY is much denser, bigger and more apartment-oriented, but the metropolitan development patterns aren't THAT much different.

A town on the Main Line doesn't look that different from Westchester/Fairfield, South Philly doesn't look that different from Brooklyn, Rittenhouse Square could vaguely be some core neighborhood of NYC, etc. Of course if you know the two cities well the differences are obvious, but to outsiders Philly is kind of a grittier NYC mini-me.
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