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Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
And yet that didn't happen in San Francisco (and New York and some other places).
NYC actually had the nation's largest urban renewal program, multiples bigger than any other city. It just isn't as obvious because NYC had so much urbanity to begin with, and because much of the urban renewal was denser than in other cities.

Many neighborhoods, like East Harlem, Brownsville, Coney Island, and the Rockaways, are mostly postwar urban renewal. But they don't have the desolate feel because the projects were built denser and the surroundings remained dense.

And I'm pretty sure SF had major urban renewal with Fillmore/Western Addition/Japantown, and downtown projects like Embarcadero Center.

I also doubt Phoenix had much urban renewal. Its downtown just died as the region transformed into a Sunbelt giant. I don't think the Phoenix mayor was pushing mega-housing projects and the like back in the 50's-60's.
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