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Originally Posted by azliam View Post
Did you bother reading my previous post? I clearly stated I was not a fan of the Pin. I'm speaking specifically of anything that could be innovative for Phoenix. Furthermore, I truly believe in density over height; however, just because Phoenix is finally getting "real development" doesn't mean we need to develop to the lowest common denominator while other cities are clearly taking more risks architecturally.
Just to touch on this...height=density. You can have 300 units taking up an entire block OR you can have 300 units in a 500 footer that takes up a third of the block. Which do you think provides more density? This is why New York is one of the densest cities in the world. It wouldn't be that way if they built block-sized 4 story complexes all over the place, but I digress.

The Pin was an idea in the right direction to get something new for Phoenix, unfortunately, it was a very bland design. But there'a also no reason Phoenix cannot have an observation tower. The old adage, "Build it and they will come", seems to work here very well. I highly doubt an observation tower built here would not have any visitors and would be a failure. Put a few amenities (a coffee bar, restaurant, arcade, etc.) and it would probably do very well.
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