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Originally Posted by pdxtex View Post
probably because san jose is rife with disposable income and nashville is full of northerners. sunbelt markets full of west coast retirees dont scream nhl to me. atlanta is a tougher nut to crack but its staunchly southern and hockey just isnt in the dna....shrug...
The problem with the Thrashers is that the owners also owned the Hawks, and the Hawks were more important to them. The Thrashers were secondary, and selling them, even to investors from another city, allowed the owners to concentrate on the Hawks.

This is why the Florida Panthers won't move, despite the obvious lack of support. If they shared an arena with the Heat, they might have moved by now. But the arena owners don't want to lose their only tenant.

The Sharks and Predators both benefit from being the "only game in town", even though that's not true. These markets are not oversaturated with teams.
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