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downtown brooklyn could be a bit more upmarket and 'centered'. 'gangstas' aside, haha.

i mean even brooklyn heights has that stretch on henry with the falafel place, the taxi cab company, the pizzeria etc that look like they time travelled here from 1976. BK heights also has its share of oldsters paying rent-controlled 300$ rents, buildings that have very little turnover.

regarding downtown:

the remaining defaced/destroyed facades all along fulton should be improved with city funds. without kicking out the businesses.

another problem is too many courthouses/notaries/legal crap downtown. this kills other uses, much more than having too many modells and shoe stores.

there is still the parking lot on adams and fulton near the shake shack - it needs to go.

I would like to see the popeyes on court st near joralemon go extinct, not gonna lie. that thing stinks of frying oil some afternoons.

the pace of renovation/new build on schermerhorn/atlantic/3rd avenue/fort greene near bam is such that maybe that will be the market upmarket side of downtown in the near future.
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