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Some examples of Calgary's limited stock of older churches:

Knox United:

Central United:

Bridgeland's Byzantine Ukrainian Church on the hill:

Grace Presbyterian:

One of my favourite's int he city is First Baptist which is right across the street from Central Memorial park int he Beltline:

This one is interesting as I swear it is made out of cinder block. St. Stephen's Anglican:

St. Mary's Cathedral. I used to go there from my Catholic highschool for masses now and then:

Hillhurst United is actually a customer of mine so I've had the privilege of seeing some of the old inner parts of it.

St. Paul's chapel in Calgary's south is next to Midnapore. It used to be a missionary outpost. There's a second chapel right next to it too. I always loved these.

The other one's decidedly more decrepit:

I love St. Matthew's Lutheran in Bridgeland because the cross on the top lights up in red neon at night.

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