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Another batch from Montreal...

Christ Church Cathedral (downtown, Montreal)
Build in 1859

St. James United Church (downtown, Montreal)
Build 1889

Longueuil cathedral (Vieux-Longueuil)
Groundbreaking = 1884. Completed in 1911. Height = 81 meters.

Chapelle du Grand Séminaire de Montréal (downtown, Montreal)
Build in 1864


Chapelle de l'Invention-de-la-Sainte-Croix des Sœurs Grises (downtown, Montreal)
Build in 1871.

(now own by Concordia University - the chapel was turn into a studying room)


Chapes of Maison Mère des Soeurs de la Congrégation Notre-Dame (downtown, Montreal)
Build in 1905/08

(now own by the Dawson college - the chapel was turn into a library)

Église des Saints-Anges Gardiens (Lachine, Montréal)
Build in 1919Église...ns_(Montréal)Église...ns_(Montréal)

Église Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense (Little Italy, Montreal)
Bull in 1919

(made famous by its infamous fresco representing Benito Mussolini and, of course, by its numerous over the top mafia funeral ceremonies)

Église Notre-Dame-de-Guadalupe (Centre-Sud, Montréal)
Build in 1923


Église Saint-Esprit-de-Rosemont (Rosemont, Montreal)
Build in 1933 in Art Deco style.

l'église Saint-Esprit, rue Masson, Rosemont by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose on Flickr

l'église Saint-Esprit, rue Masson, Rosemont

l'église Saint-Esprit

Église Saint-Esprit-de-Rosemont by Richard Lehoux on Flickr
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